before after (dutch national tour) 
photo: Annemieke van der togt


i work in theatre

I provide strategy, marketing, en creative producing services for musical theatre. In addition, I also work for other cultural (not-for-profit) institutions. 


Niels focused as an Interim Marketeer on one of our musicals Expeditie Eiland and made sure that everything came clear quickly. He works precise and Niels is a good communicator. Besides that, Niels has had a lot of creative input and came up with fun and fresh ideas. I appreciate his passion for theatre and because of his enthusiasm it is nice to have Niels on the team."

Kim van den Langeberg, Executive Producer @ Rick Engelkes Producties 

"Niels is a very enthousiast guy who puts a lot of energy into exciting projects and ideas. Within the scope of his program he finds specific topics that have his interest that have his interest. He knows what he talks about and how to tell it to his audience."

Wessel Kouw, Vice President @ Kweek Communicatie

"Niels has an eye for priorities and knows how to communicate them in the right way. He works hard and precise. He finds with his experience and knowledge a good balance between his drive for the industry and striving for the highest achievable on a productional level."

Kelly van den Boogaard, Performer/Graduate candidate@ En jij zei Hey

I have worked with Niels on "RAAK ME" and on "Spring Awakening". Niels is a very talented and extremely energetic and motivated young man that gets things done. Both artistically and productionally, he has a great drive to perform and achieve resultaat with people around him. He does this in a cooperative and motivational way that also energizes other people. I have liked working with him a lot and would definitely recommend him to others."

Wouter van der Horst, Business Manager @ Het Nieuwe Theater

"Niels used his talent to listen critically and think creative to help UNICEF Netherlands. He is a sharp listener and can utter himself very good in writing and verbally. He has a good conscience of abstract subjects. Above all, Niels is very nice to work with. UNICEF Netherlands is proud to have worked with Niels and recommends him much for a collaboration."

Walter Hesselink, Senior Marketeer Activation @ UNICEF Nederland