DG Theater in co-production with OpusOne and Amsterdams kleinkunst festival

kerstfeest in de jordaan

In Kerstfeest in de Jordaan, Johnny Jordaan, Tante Leen and Willy Alberti look back from heaven on the beautiful and cozy Christmas days in the Jordaan. In this genuine, old-fashioned Christmas show, sentiment is not shunned and the wink is not forgotten. The performance is a celebration of recognition by the Amsterdam success numbers and various Christmas carols that pass by.



Book: Lars Boom, Evert de Vries, Rob van de Meeberg
Evert de Vries
Choreography: Yolanda Germain
Actors: Harry Slinger, Mieke Stemerdink, Rob van de Meeberg
Ensemble: Yara van Engelen, Edwin Klazinga, Vosmar Nicasie, Ian Vrolijk
MD and piano: Bert Stoots
Accordion: René Trok
Stage management: Marijn van Engelen

Function: Creative (Content) Marketing & PR + assistant executive production (OpusOne)